(18日)新西兰 DELTA 爆发:奥克兰再维持3 级警报2周,不可在室内聚会。内含中英内阁简报会内容


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will reveal Cabinet’s decision on alert level settings for Auckland, Northland and Waikato at 4pm today.

今天下午 4 点,总理 Jacinda Ardern 公布内阁关于奥克兰、北地和怀卡托的警报级别设置的决定。

NZ outside areas with level 3 restrictions will stay at alert level 2, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,新西兰在 3 级限制以外的地区将保持 2 级警报。

Norhland to move to level 2 at 11.59pm on Tuesday.
Norhland 将于周二晚上 11 点 59 分降至 2 级。

Waikato to stay at level 3, to be reviewed on Friday.
怀卡托保持在 3 级,周五接受审查。

Alert level rules in Auckland now the most stringent in the OECD now, ARdern said.
ARdern 说,奥克兰的警报级别规则现在是经合组织中最严格的。

Auckland to stay at alert level 3 for the next two weeks, with the restrictions now in place, Ardern said.,
Ardern 说,奥克兰将在接下来的两周内保持 3 级警报,现在限制已经到位。

Indoor gatherings are not allowed in Auckland, Ardern said.

Auckland’s restrictions allow people to visit friends and families outside, as long as they remain socially distanced, limit their gatherings to two household bubbles and keep to groups of 10 people or fewer.
奥克兰的限制允许人们在外面探望朋友和家人,只要他们保持社交距离,将他们的聚会限制在两个家庭泡泡内,并保持在 10 人或更少的团体中。

Please stick to your household bubble in Auckland. Any catch ups need to happen outdoors, Ardern said.
请坚持你在奥克兰的家庭泡泡。 Ardern 说,任何追赶都需要在户外进行。

A new Covid protection framework is to be outlined on Friday, Ardern said. It will include a high vaccination target.
Ardern 说,将于周五概述一个新的 Covid 保护框架。 它将包括高疫苗接种目标

The vaccine is all about opening up opportunities, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,疫苗就是为了创造机会。

The PM is taking questions now.

The advice was to hold where NZ is now, Ardern said.

About 5 per cent of people who get the first vaccine, do not get the second, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,接种第一种疫苗的人中约有 5% 没有接种第二种疫苗。

The Cabinet listens to all the advice available, Ardern said. The strong advice from public health was that a level 4 circuit breaker would not necessarily make a big difference to the Auckland outbreak.
阿德恩说,内阁听取了所有可用的建议。 公共卫生部门的强烈建议是,4 级断路器不一定会对奥克兰的爆发产生重大影响。

Indoor mixing of households is a contributing factor to the Auckland outbreak, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,室内混居是奥克兰疫情爆发的一个促成因素。

There are Covid cases right across Auckland, Ardern said. No one should think they can act differently just because they are in a particular part of Auckland.
阿德恩说,奥克兰各地都有新冠肺炎病例。 没有人应该认为他们可以仅仅因为他们位于奥克兰的特定地区而采取不同的行动。

A house party on the North Shore was clearly a blatant breach of the rules, Ardern said.

Police were investigating what happened at the party. No one should assume they can just break the rules, Ardern said.
警方正在调查派对上发生的事情。 Ardern 说,没有人应该认为他们可以违反规则。

The Government had been very deliberate in deciding people should not meet up indoors, Ardern said.

The new framework was still about protecting people from Covid, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,新框架仍然是为了保护人们免受 Covid 的侵害。

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield is also at the briefing. Most of the vaccinations in recent weeks have been walk-ins, he said. He expects 80-85 per cent of Aucklanders to have had two doses of vaccine in the next few weeks.
卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 也出席了简报会。 他说,最近几周的大部分疫苗接种都是无需预约的。 他预计,未来几周内,80-85% 的奥克兰人将接种两剂疫苗。

We need to remove any barrier that might exist to drive up vaccination rates for Māori, Ardern said. Everyone is committed to doing that.
Ardern 说,我们需要消除可能存在的任何障碍,以提高毛利人的疫苗接种率。 每个人都致力于这样做。

There is no need to fund raise for the vaccination campaign. We just need to make sure the resources are in the right place, Ardern said.
无需为疫苗接种运动筹集资金。 Ardern 说,我们只需要确保资源在正确的地方。

Where there are gaps in the vaccination programme, that needs to change, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,如果疫苗接种计划存在差距,那就需要改变。

Ninety per cent of Aucklanders are expected to have had both doses in three to four weeks, Bloomfield said.
Bloomfield 说,预计 90% 的奥克兰人会在三到四个星期内接种这两种疫苗。

The full range of options had been considered for Auckland, Bloomfield said. Opinions had clearly converged on maintaining the current level of restrictions, emphasising the need for continued compliance with restrictions, and a big focus on Māori and Pacific people in the vaccination programme.
布卢姆菲尔德说,奥克兰已经考虑了全方位的选择。 意见明显集中在维持当前的限制水平,强调需要继续遵守限制,并在疫苗接种计划中重点关注毛利人和太平洋岛民。

Advice on an alternative vaccine for people who have concerns about the mRNA vaccines has nearly been finalised, Bloomfield said.
Bloomfield 说,为那些对 mRNA 疫苗有顾虑的人提供替代疫苗的建议几乎已经敲定。

Some recent indications suggested work sites had not been one of the bigger contributing factors to cases in recent days, Ardern said. One of the bigger contributors continued to be households.
Ardern 说,最近的一些迹象表明,工作场所并不是最近几天发生病例的更大因素之一。 较大的贡献者之一仍然是家庭。

Bloomfield said he was not aware of any cases arising from protests on the weekend. He asked people who were involved, or were at any other social events during the weekend, to get a test straight away if they had any symptoms.
布卢姆菲尔德说,他不知道周末抗议活动引发了任何病例。 他要求参与或周末参加任何其他社交活动的人,如果有任何症状,请立即进行检测。

Most people who had not been vaccinated were not anti-vaxxers but they had questions, in some cases based on incorrect information, Ardern said.

Ardern 说,大多数未接种疫苗的人都不是反疫苗者,但他们有疑问,在某些情况下是基于不正确的信息。

The 4.9 per cent inflation rate was similar to that in other countries, Ardern said. It was not necessarily considered to be a long term position for NZ, and supply chain issues were a factor in the rise.

Ardern 说,4.9% 的通货膨胀率与其他国家相似。 它不一定被视为新西兰的长期位置,供应链问题是导致上涨的一个因素。

Work was under way now on how Aucklanders could be allowed to safely move around, regardless of what happened to the boundary around the region, Ardern said.
Ardern 说,现在正在研究如何允许奥克兰人安全地四处走动,而不管该地区周围的边界发生了什么。

That’s the end of the post-Cabinet briefing


* There are 60 new community cases – 57 are in Auckland, three in Waikato.
* Of today’s new cases, 24 are yet to be linked to the outbreak.
* Cabinet will be reviewing the current alert level settings today with an announcement expected at 4pm.
* 新增 60 例社区病例——奥克兰 57 例,怀卡托 3 例
* 在今天的新病例中,有 24 例尚未与疫情有关。
*内阁今天将审查当前的警报级别设置,预计在下午 4 点发布公告。

She will be joined by director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield, who said this morning that a circuit-breaker move to level 4 in Auckland was being actively considered as case numbers continue to rise.

卫生总干事阿什利·布卢姆菲尔德 (Ashley Bloomfield) 博士将加入她的行列,他今天上午表示,随着病例数继续上升,正在积极考虑将奥克兰的断路器升至 4 级(a circuit-breaker move to level 4)。

It seems unlikely, however, given Ardern’s recent rhetoric about alert levels only working if people voluntarily follow the rules, and the current level of lockdown fatigue as Auckland looks at its tenth week in level 4 or 3.

然而,鉴于 Ardern 最近关于警报级别只有在人们自愿遵守规则的情况下才有效的言论,以及奥克兰目前的锁定疲劳程度,这似乎不太可能,因为奥克兰将进入第 4 或 3 级的第 10 周。

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins, who is also Education Minister, is also expected to give an update on when schools might reopen in Auckland.

Covid-19 响应部长兼教育部长 Chris Hipkins 预计也将提供有关奥克兰学校何时重新开放的最新消息。

Public health experts, as well as calling for a level 4 move to be considered, have also cautioned against moving Auckland to step 2 of level 3 restrictions, which would see more customer-facing businesses reopen, including retail, libraries, and museums – with restrictions including mask-wearing.

公共卫生专家在呼吁考虑采取 4 级措施的同时,还警告不要将奥克兰转移到 3 级限制的第 2 步,这将导致更多面向客户的企业重新开业,包括零售、图书馆和博物馆。 限制包括戴口罩。

The outbreak in Auckland has now spread throughout the city and case numbers are expected to grow, potentially 160 cases a day by early November.

奥克兰的疫情现已蔓延到整个城市,预计病例数还会增加,到 11 月初每天可能会增加 160 例。

(18日)新西兰新冠Delta 疫情爆发:社区新增60例,奥克兰57例,怀卡托 3 例,今日最新暴露关注点