(18日)(中英)新西兰今天新增 167 个社区病例,奥克兰142例,怀卡托17例,新增死亡2例, 病毒蔓延到陶朗加, 北帕, 基督城

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There are 167 new Covid-19 cases in the Delta community outbreak, as officials report two further deaths as virus spreads to Tauranga, Palmerston North

社区新增167 例新冠Covid病例,官员另报告了另外两人死亡, 病毒蔓延到陶朗加, 北帕

Of the new cases, 142 are in Auckland, 17 are in Waikato, five are in Northland, one is in Bay of Plenty DHB, one is in Lakes DHB, and one is in Canterbury.


A woman in her 80s has died at Middlemore Hospital. And a man in his 90s has died in North Shore Hospital. He was a resident at the Edmonton Meadows Care Home.

一名 80 多岁的妇女在米德尔莫尔医院去世。 一名 90 多岁的男子在北岸医院去世。 他是埃德蒙顿梅多斯护理之家的居民。

“The man had a number of underlying health conditions and was receiving appropriate ward-level care after being admitted earlier this month with Covid-19.”

“该男子有许多潜在的健康状况,在本月早些时候因 Covid-19 入院后,正在接受适当的病房级护理。”

There are 85 people in hospital including six in ICU.


Hospitalisations include people at North Shore (19); Middlemore (26); Auckland (35); Waitakere (1); Whangarei (1) and Waikato (3).

住院患者包括北岸 (19) 人; 米德尔莫尔 (26); 奥克兰(35); 怀塔克里 (1); 旺格雷 (1) 和怀卡托 (3)。

There are new cases today in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Mid Central and Canterbury. A case announced in Lakes DHB yesterday is officially reported in today’s figures, the statement said.

今天在北地、奥克兰、怀卡托、丰盛湾、中中部和坎特伯雷都有新病例。 声明说,昨天在 Lakes DHB 宣布的一个病例在今天的数据中得到了正式报告。

Of the five cases in Northland, two are in Dargaville, one in Whangârei, one in the Far North and one in Kaikohe. All of the cases are linked.

在北地的 5 起病例中,达格维尔 2 例,旺阿雷 1例,远北 1 例,凯科希 1 例。 所有的病例都是相互关联的。

Public health staff are supporting 5010 people to isolate at home around Auckland – this includes 2238 cases.

公共卫生人员正在支持奥克兰周边的 5010 人在家隔离——其中包括 2238 病例。

Five people at the Rosaria Rest Home in Auckland’s Avondale have now tested positive with Covid.

奥克兰 Avondale 的 Rosaria 疗养院的五人现在新冠病毒检测呈阳性。

Canterbury update

There are two new cases in Christchurch. One was announced yesterday and is being officially added to case numbers today.

基督城有两个新病例。 昨天宣布了一个,今天将正式添加到病例数中。

The other is a household contact of the first case and is already in isolation. The second case will be added to the case tally tomorrow, as details came in after the cut-off period.

另一位是第一例的家庭接触者,已经在隔离中。 第二个病例将在明天添加到案例中,因为截止期之后 才有详细信息。

“We also continue to advise passengers on flight NZ1295 from Auckland to Christchurch on Saturday 13 November to get a test today, if they haven’t already, and monitor for symptoms for the next 10 days, following the two current Christchurch cases travelling on the flight prior to testing positive.”

“我们还继续建议 11 月 13 日星期六从奥克兰飞往基督城的 NZ1295 航班上的乘客今天接受检测,如果他们还没有,并在接下来的 10 天内监测症状,因为目前在基督城旅行的两例病例 在检测呈阳性之前飞行。”

More Covid cases in communities outside Auckland are expected to be confirmed by the Ministry of Health this afternoon as the Delta variant continues to spread around the country.

随着 Delta 变种继续在全国蔓延,预计奥克兰以外社区的更多 Covid 病例将在今天下午得到卫生部的确认。

The latest cases are due via a statement from health officials around 1pm. There is no press conference today.

最新病例将在下午 1 点左右通过卫生官员的声明公布。 今天没有新闻发布会。

It comes as positive cases have been found in both Tauranga and Palmerston North.


Tauranga cases


There are two cases in Tauranga today, the Bay of Plenty Times understands – one in Pyes Pā and one in Mount Maunganui.  The Tauranga case came in after the official 9am cut-off time for reporting and will be formally included in tomorrow’s figures.

据丰盛湾时报了解,陶朗加今天有两个病例——一个在 Pyes Pā,一个在芒格努伊山。陶朗加病例是在上午 9 点的官方报告截止时间之后进入的,并将正式纳入明天的数据中。

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges said his office was aware of the cases in Mount Manganui and Pyes Pā.

“I had heard that that’s the case. I think in the end this was inevitable, we’re going to see this around New Zealand. That doesn’t though mean it’s not concerning and I acknowledge there’ll be a lot of locals in Tauranga who will be concerned.

“我听说情况就是这样。我认为这最终是不可避免的,我们会在新西兰周围看到这种情况。但这并不意味着它无关紧要,我承认会有很多当地人在 陶朗加谁会担心。

“I think the best we can say is if you’re not vaccinated, get onto it. If you’ve got symptoms, obviously get tested. In the end though, what’s also true is life has to go on, and the people of Tauranga and the Western Bay are resilient. I think they will, in a no nonsense way, get on with it.”

“我认为我们能说的最好的是,如果你没有接种疫苗,那就去接种。如果你有症状,显然要接受检测。不过,最后,生活还得继续,生活还得继续 陶朗加和西湾是有弹性的。我认为他们会毫不犹豫地继续下去。”

Palmerston North case


There are two new Covid-19 cases to announce in the Mid-Central DHB region including one in Ashhurst and one in Levin. Both people are likely to be linked to known cases.

DHB 中中部地区将宣布两起新的 Covid-19 病例,其中一例在阿什赫斯特,另一例在莱文。 两人都可能与已知病例有关。

It brings the total number of cases in the region to four. These cases will be formally included in the region’s total tomorrow as notification of the cases was received after the morning cut-off.

它使该地区的病例总数达到四例。 由于在上午截止后收到了病例通知,这些病例将于明天正式计入该地区的总数。

The Palmerston North case was confirmed last night by the Manawatū Cricket Association after a player caught it.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admits people will be worried about Covid spreading across the country as news breaks of more centres dealing with cases in the community.

总理Jacinda Ardern承认,随着更多处理社区病例的中心的消息传出,人们将担心Covid在全国蔓延。

Ardern, speaking to media this morning after a visit to the Turanga Health centre in Gisborne, said “we know there will be concern about [Covid’s] movement, which is why we have put in extra layers of protection”.

今天早上,阿德恩在参观了吉斯本的图兰加健康中心后对媒体说,“我们知道人们会对 [Covid 的] 移动感到担忧,这就是我们采取额外保护措施的原因”。

She said the requirements for vaccination or a test before people left Auckland to go to regions such as Gisborne would help.

她说,在人们离开奥克兰前往 Gisborne 等地区之前进行疫苗接种或测试的要求会有所帮助。

Of yesterday’s 194 cases, there were 180 cases in Auckland, four in Northland, five in Waikato, seven in Lakes District and one in Canterbury.


The person infected with Covid in Canterbury flew back to Christchurch on flight NZ 1295 last Saturday, November 13, after travelling to Auckland for an event.

在坎特伯雷感染 Covid 的人在前往奥克兰参加活动后,于 11 月 13 日星期六乘坐 NZ 1295 航班返回基督城。

Ardern confirmed Aucklanders who were fully vaccinated or test negative 72 hours before departure will be able to leave the city from December 15. The rule will be in place from then to January 17.

Ardern 确认,在出发前 72 小时完全接种疫苗或检测呈阴性的奥克兰人将能够从 12 月 15 日起离开这座城市。该规定将从那时起实施至 1 月 17 日。

Ardern also said Cabinet would confirm Auckland’s move into the covid protection system/traffic light system into the Red level on November 29.

Ardern 还表示,内阁将确认奥克兰在 11 月 29 日将新冠病毒保护系统/红绿灯系统纳入红色级别。

Ardern indicated the move to the new system would be very soon after the November 29 Cabinet meeting and would be a similar timeframe to level transitions as they have been in the past.

Ardern 表示,将在 11 月 29 日内阁会议之后很快转向新系统,并且与过去的级别转换时间框架相似。


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(17日)(中英直播内容)新西兰今天新增 194 个社区病例,奥克兰180例,怀卡托5例,北地3例, 湖区6例,新增死亡1例,奥克兰边界从12月15日重新开放