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Letters: ‘A’ for effort on education; Simeon Brown wrong about speed limits

OPINION: 'The NZEI always talks absolute rubbish, so they should be ignored.'

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Telephonophobia: Why so many young people don't answer the phone

'Telephonophobia' - a "fear of making or taking phone calls" - is taking hold among many young people, a digital wellbeing expert says.

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Jobs for Nature workers hope programme will carry on despite funding running out

Jobs are in limbo and environmental gains set to be lost as the programme nears its end date.

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Māori-led film Ka Whawhai Tonu premieres in Hamilton

It is set to be the largest premiere screening to be held in the region, with more than 1200 guests.

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Cursive handwriting 'really, really important' - educator

A call to make cursive compulsory in schools has split the public.

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Pharmac questioned on HRT drugs shortage - 'Will it take a death?'

A GP says women are facing serious physical and mental harm as the shortage of HRT drugs reaches emergency level.

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Public Service Minister Nicola Willis defends job cuts before select committee

Public Service Minister Nicola Willis was grilled at the governance and administration select committee today about the thousands of job losses.

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Rental listings up 40 percent across country in three months to May

Some property managers are warning landlords they may need to lower expectations to meet the market.

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Getting a mammogram: What you need to know

Explainer - If Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson's announcement of a breast cancer diagnosis has prompted you to get screened, here's everything you need to know.

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'Clinical lead' title of I am Hope staffer an 'oversight', charity says

A youth counselling charity says its 'clinical lead' should not have been given that title, but they are more than capable of doing the job.

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Health authorities missed three chances to detect man's renal cancer

Health NZ Te Whatu Ora breached the code for patients' rights after failing to detect a man's renal cancer three times, the health watchdog has found.

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Emma Field murder trial: Fire investigator identifies mattress as ignition point of fatal fire

A fatal fire started on a mattress that was exposed to a naked flame, a specialist forensic fire investigator has told a jury.

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Two injured as Air New Zealand flight hits turbulence

A woman who was burnt after a full coffee pot was poured onto her says there was nothing she could do because she was "strapped in".

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Crucial rail corridor at risk from unstable Hamilton street

The street is at risk of collapsing onto one of the country's busiest freight railway lines, but the road cannot be closed because it would cost at least $1 million.

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Air New Zealand boss to apologise to delayed passengers on Japan flight

Air New Zealand's boss will be personally apologising to delayed passengers after a flight stopped in Brisbane to pick up a stranded trade delegation to Japan.

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Copper thieves plunging Christchurch homes into darkness

More cases of powerline tampering in Christchurch have seen power cut to households two nights in a row, police say.

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Government seeks feedback on no-consent 'granny flat' policy

The move would force councils to allow buildings of up to 60 square metres in some areas, without requiring a consent.

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Alcohol importer, distributor fined $244k for non-compliant bottles

The two companies were sentenced in Auckland District Court following prosecution by New Zealand Food Safety.

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惠灵顿和马尔堡市议会领导人已向(交通部长)迈克尔.伍德写了一封尖锐的信。Dire Strait: ‘Completely inadequate’ – Letter to Government over Cook Strait safety fears

Wellington and Marlborough council leaders have penned a sharp letter to Michael Wood.

工党议员 Tāmati Coffey 将在即将举行的选举中退出政坛 Labour list MP Tāmati Coffey to retire from politics at upcoming election
向妈妈和蹒跚学步的孩子泼热咖啡的女人被判刑 Woman sentenced after throwing hot coffee on mum and toddler
车祸导致奥克兰一号国道延误 Car crash causes delays on Auckland’s State Highway 1
2022 年最后一个季度,水电大坝、地热发电厂、风能和太阳能发电场提供了所有电力的 94.7%。 In the last quarter of 2022, hydro dams, geothermal plants, wind and solar farms provided 94.7% of all power.


一簇雷电正从塔斯曼海移来,并将袭击奥克兰北部。Weather: Rain for North Island, thunderstorms forecast for Auckland, Northland

A cluster of thundery cells are moving in from the Tasman and set to hit Auckland north.

总理克里斯·希普金斯 (Chris Hipkins) 和国家党的马克·米切尔 (Mark Mitchell) 对希普金斯 (Hipkins) 的飞车抢劫记录意见不一——谁的数字是对的?

飞车抢劫数据是一件复杂的事情,但政客们知道如何利用它来为自己谋利。PM Chris Hipkins and National’s Mark Mitchell disagree on Hipkins’ ram raid record – who’s got the numbers right?

Ram raid data is a complex matter but politicians know how to use it to their advantage.

孩子在 Mt Albert 住宅 受伤后(有人)报警

今天早些时候发生事故后,一名儿童已被送往医院。Police called after child injured at Mt Albert property

A child has been taken to hospital after incident early today.

在法院电梯遭到袭击后,北地律师震惊,担心安全。Northland lawyers shocked, fear for safety after assault in courthouse lift

警方呼吁提供有关丰盛湾医生失踪 12 个月的信息 Police appeal for information on missing Bay of Plenty doctor 12 months on
我可以信任 ChatGPT 的医疗建议吗? Can I trust ChatGPT for medical advice?
可疑的大火使基督城海滨郊区的房屋严重受损 Suspicious blaze leaves house badly damaged in Christchurch seaside suburb

如果发现社区护理薪酬差距,Verrall 承诺提供额外资金 Verrall promises extra funding if community nursing pay disparity found

发现二手车很划算? 它“极有可能”是浸水车 Spotted a good deal on a used car? There’s a ‘high likelihood’ it is flood-damaged
火灾摧毁了因弗卡吉尔的存储设施Fire destroys storage facility in Invercargill
下周四,全国约有 30,000 名小学教师将举行罢工。About 30,000 primary school teachers will be going on strike around the country next Thursday.
另一名坎特伯雷学生感染脑膜炎球菌病 Another Canterbury student contracts meningococcal disease
“我在空中飞了起来”:奥塔哥男子被野猪撞倒并受伤’I went in the air’: Otago man knocked out, injured by charging boar



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