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There are 11 new community cases to report today, all are in Auckland.


The Ministry of Health has just sent out today’s update. Here are the numbers:
卫生部刚刚发出了今天的更新。 以下是数字:

* 11 new cases, all in Auckland. Two are yet to be linked to the outbreak.
* 11 例新病例,均在奥克兰。 其中两个尚未与疫情有关。

* 14 cases are in hospital – three are in ICU.
* 14 例住院 – 3 例在重症监护病房。

* 5 new cases in MIQ
* MIQ 新增 5 个病例

* 1007 cases in this outbreak in total – 535 in Auckland and 15 in Wellington have recovered.
* 此次疫情中共有 1007 例病例——奥克兰 535 例和惠灵顿 15 例已经康复。

* 9 of yesterday’s cases were infectious in the community.
* 昨天的病例中有 9 例在社区中具有传染性。

* Tracers are actively managing 1064 contacts. 88 per cent have had at least one test result.
* Tracer 正在积极管理 1064 个联系人。 88% 的人至少有过一项测试结果。

* 135 locations of interest have been identified.
* 已确定 135 个暴露关注地点。

* 15,419 tests were processed yesterday.

* 昨天进行了 15,419 项测试。


Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson and Director of Public Health Dr Caroline McElnay will deliver today’s Covid update at 1pm.

副总理格兰特·罗伯逊和公共卫生主任卡罗琳·麦克埃尔奈博士在下午 1 点发布今天的 Covid 更新。

There are 11 new community cases to report today, all are in Auckland.


现在有 1007 个病例与这次疫情有关。

549 have now recovered.

Two of today’s 11 cases remain unlinked and are being investigated.

今天的 11 起案件中有两起没有关联,正在调查中。

There are also 5 new cases in MIQ.


McElnay said the sub-clusters are classified as active, contained, dormant or closed.
McElnay 说,这些子集群被归类为活跃的、限制的、休眠的或封闭的。

Active subclusters have cases reported in the last 14 days that aren’t household contacts, contained subclusters have cases reported in the last 14 days and are household contacts, dormant subclusters have no cases reported in the last 14 days, and close subclusters have no cases reported in the last 28 days.

活跃子群在过去 14 天内报告的病例不是家庭接触者,包含的子群在过去 14 天内报告了病例并且是家庭接触者,休眠子群在过去 14 天内没有报告病例,关闭子群没有在过去 28 天内报告病例 。

There are 9 epidemiologically linked subclusters – 2 are active, 7 are contained and one is dormant.
有 9 个与流行病学相关的亚群 – 2 个处于活动状态,7 个被控制,1 个处于休眠状态。

A further 10 unlinked subclusters have emerged – 2 are active, 3 are contained and 5 are dormant.

出现了另外 10 个未链接的子集群 – 2 个处于活动状态,3 个被包含在内,5 个处于休眠状态。

McElnay said we can be cautiously optimistic this outbreak is contained.
McElnay 说,我们可以对这次疫情得到控制持谨慎乐观的态度。

The truck driver reported yesterday travelled in his work capacity to a number of supermarkets in Auckland, the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.

He and his partner have been transferred to MIQ.
他和他的搭档已被转移到 MIQ。

The newest locations of interest are in Cambridge, Ngatea, Bombay, Paeroa and Maramarua.

最新感兴趣的地点位于Cambridge, Ngatea, Bombay, Paeroa and Maramarua.。

The man wore a mask and maintained physical distancing while working.

The supermarkets he visited aren’t locations of interest because they were delivery areas not accessible to the public.

These supermarkets have been operating with all Covid protocols in place – scanning, masking and physical distancing.
这些超市一直在使用所有 Covid 协议——扫描、屏蔽和物理距离。

Truck drivers delivering to these stores are required to practise the same protocols. At no time do truck drivers enter the store.

运送到这些商店的卡车司机必须遵守相同的协议。 卡车司机从不进入商店。


Yesterday, over 7000 people in Auckland got tested.

昨天,奥克兰有超过 7000 人接受了测试。


More than 58,000 people have been tested across Auckland in the last week.

上周,奥克兰有超过 58,000 人接受了检测。

Around 15,000 tests nationwide were processed yesterday. There’s a 7-day rolling average of just over 13,000.
昨天在全国范围内进行了大约 15,000 次测试。 7 天的滚动平均值刚刚超过 13,000。

At the Auckland boundary, permitted workers are having their tests checked at the border. Workers are reminded to carry evidence showing proof of a negative Covid test from the last 7 days.
在奥克兰边界,被允许的工人正在边境检查他们的测试结果。 提醒工人携带证明过去 7 天 Covid 测试呈阴性的证据。

A number of vehicles, including heavy freight trucks, were turned around at the checkpoints overnight for failing to show this evidence.

On wastewater testing, ESR reported a positive result from a sample collected on Monday from a catchment in East Auckland.

在废水测试中,ESR 报告了周一从奥克兰东部集水区收集的样本的阳性结果。

A follow up sample was taken on Wednesday, the results are expected in the coming days.

McElnay said they expect to see detections in wastewater across Auckland because recently recovered cases can still shed the virus.
McElnay 说,他们希望在奥克兰各地的废水中都能检测到,因为最近发现的病例仍然可以传播病毒。

These results, however, show the need for us to continue acting on the side of caution.


There are over 1000 active contacts linked to this outbreak.
有超过 1000 名活跃联系人与此次疫情有关。

People arriving in NZ from overseas must stay in an MIQ facility for a minimum of 14 days. This hasn’t changed.

从海外抵达新西兰的人必须在 MIQ 设施中停留至少 14 天。 这没有改变。

Community cases sent to MIQ must stay for a minimum of 10 days from the onset of symptoms or a positive test. They must also be symptom-free for 72 hours and get sign off from a medical officer.
被送到 MIQ 的社区病例必须在出现症状或检测呈阳性后至少停留 10 天。 他们还必须在 72 小时内没有症状,并得到医疗官员的批准才能离开。

On August 31, the guidance around the length of stay for community cases in MIQ was extended to be 14 days.
8 月 31 日,将关于 MIQ 社区病例停留时间的指导延长至 14 天。

McElnay is thanking police working across the motu to keep people safe.
McElnay 感谢警察在整个 motu 工作以确保人们的安全。

THose working at the northern and southern checkpoints and MIQ facilities have been doing “outstanding” work, she said.
她说,在北部和南部检查站以及 MIQ 设施工作的人一直在做“出色”的工作。

The new resurgence support payments and wage subsidy payments have opened for applications, Robertson said.


So far, 480,697 applications for the wage subsidy have been approved – that’s around $2.1 billion in payments.
到目前为止,已经批准了 480,697 份工资补贴申请——支付金额约为 21 亿纽币。

Almost $2.2b has been paid out in economic support during this outbreak.

85 per cent to 90 per cent of economic activity is possible at alert level 3, Robertson said.

罗伯逊说,在 3 级警报下,85% 到 90% 的经济活动是可能的。

Level 4 in Auckland and level 2 elsewhere is costing the economy $700m per week. A move to level 3 will cost around $200m per week.
奥克兰的 4 级和其他地方的 2 级每周给经济造成 7 亿纽币的损失。 降至3级警报后每周将花费约 2 亿纽币。

Indoor gatherings are likely to lift to 100 people in level 2, provided Auckland moves to level 3.
如果奥克兰降至 3 级,室内聚会可能会在 2 级时提升至 100 人。

The suspension of green flights with Australia will be extended for a further 8 weeks.

暂停与澳大利亚的绿色航班将再延长 8 周。

It will be reviewed again in November.
将在 11 月再次审查。

Red flights from Australia will depart in October and November. People stranded in Australia will be able to participate in upcoming room releases.
来自澳大利亚的红色航班将于 10 月和 11 月起飞。 滞留在澳大利亚的人将能够预定即将发布的房间。

Another emergency red flight will depart Australia for those in dire need of returning.


Robertson and McElnay are now taking questions.
Robertson 和 McElnay 现在正在接受提问。

Around 10 per cent of people going to the Auckland boundary were turned around overnight due to having no evidence of a negative test.
由于没有证据表明检测结果呈阴性,大约 10% 前往奥克兰边界的人在昨夜被叫掉头。

Robertson said it was a relatively small percentage.

Issues might be around whether travellers have had the test in the 7 day window, as required.

问题可能在于旅行者是否按照要求在 7 天窗口内进行了测试。

The Director-General of Health decided to let the Silver Ferns leave the Auckland region.
卫生总干事决定让 Silver Ferns 离开奥克兰地区。

Robertson said given it was an international sporting vent and it represented only four people, it was a low risk. It covered business travel, rather than a personal travel exemption.

罗伯逊说,鉴于这是一个国际体育赛事,而且只有四个人,所以风险很低。 它属于商务旅行,而不是个人旅行豁免

He stressed it’s a decision the Director-General makes, not the Government.

Regarding the trans-Tasman bubble, Robertson said they want to see where both countries are with vaccination rates in 8 weeks’ time.
关于跨塔斯曼泡泡,罗伯逊说,他们想看看这两个国家在 8 周后的疫苗接种率情况。

At the moment, a number of states in Australia are experiencing uncontrolled outbreaks.


He said for now, this is the appropriate decision.

They want to have the ability to assess the bubble in 8 weeks, rather than just closing the door completely.
他们希望能够在 8 周内评估泡泡,而不仅仅是完全关上大门。

The third red flight departing Australia will be challenging for some, depending on where it departs.


Robertson said they’re working on this, but for now, the red flights have departed Sydney.

Will they assess the situation state-by-state?

Robertson said they might be able to assess if that’s possible in the future, but it’s not on the table at the moment.

He said from the perspective of today, it doesn’t feel like a very likely outcome they’d start green flights again in 8 weeks.

他说,从今天的角度来看,他们在 8 周内再次开始绿色航班的可能性不大。

All of the Government’s Covid decisions are led by a health response.
政府的所有 Covid 决定都由健康应对措施主导。

They have to look at the situation with Delta as it is now, rather than looking at it through an old lens.

There’s a different situation now thanks to Delta.
多亏了 Delta,现在情况有所不同。

“It is a very different environment now,” Robertson said.


Once vaccinations have wrapped up, more options will likely be available.

Robertson is excited by anybody promoting the idea of everyone getting vaccinated.

Various modellers have said 90 per cent plus coverage is what we need to aim for.
各种建模者都说 90% 以上的覆盖率是我们需要的目标。

Robertson said they want to ensure they reach 90 per cent and even above.
罗伯逊说,他们希望确保达到 90% 甚至更高。

McElnay said they need as many people as possible to get vaccinated.

McElnay 说,他们需要尽可能多的人接种疫苗。

Each positive case in MIQ is released following a clinical assessment.
MIQ 中的每个阳性病例都在临床评估后发布。

McElnay said they want to ensure they have “tight management” of anyone infectious in the community if the region moves down a level.

McElnay 说,如果该地区下降一个级别,他们希望确保对社区中的任何感染者进行“严格管理”。

Back to the Covid positive truck driver.
回到 Covid 阳性卡车司机。

A person in the household was symptomatic and went and got tested. The driver was a household member and also got a test at the same time.

家庭中的一个人出现症状并去接受了测试。 司机是家庭成员,同时也接受了测试。

The results of both came back positive.

The case wasn’t tested and then went to work. They were previously tested and returned a negative test, they then went to work, after that the second test happened and they returned a positive result.

这个病例没有经过测试,然后就开始工作了。 他们之前接受过测试并返回阴性结果,然后他们开始工作,然后进行第二次测试并返回阳性结果。

Regarding the homicide in Timaru. Robertson said it’s a tragic event and their heart’s go out to the community and family members linked.
关于蒂马鲁的凶杀案。 罗伯逊说这是一个悲惨的事件,他们的心与社区和有联系的家庭成员同在。

“My heart does go out to all those around them and their community.”

McElnay said a mask is only good when it’s worn properly.
McElnay 说,口罩只有在正确佩戴时才是好的。

She said people sometimes wear masks underneath their noses. Masks have to cover your nose and mouth.

她说人们有时会在鼻子下面戴口罩。 口罩必须盖住你的鼻子和嘴巴。

The guidelines and requirements around mask use in MIQ facilities have been updated. N95 masks are used extensively.
在 MIQ 设施中使用口罩的指南和要求已更新。 N95口罩被广泛使用。

They will continue to look at the information available publicly.

People wearing reusable masks need to keep them clean


Robertson’s message to Aucklanders is “get vaccinated”.

73 per cent of the eligible population across the country have had their first dose.
全国 73% 的符合条件的人口接种了第一剂疫苗。

“We need all New Zealanders to take the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

In level 4, people are asked to stay home, but they can leave home to get vaccinated.
在 4 级警报下,人们被要求呆在家里,但他们可以离开家接种疫苗。

The red flights are for NZ citizens or residents. People must be in an emergency situation in order to meet the criteria and get on these flights.
红色航班适用于新西兰公民或居民。 人们必须处于紧急情况才能符合标准并搭乘这些航班。

Robertson hadn’t heard of examples where people fell outside of this criteria.


You must not be able to continue to care for yourself in an appropriate way in Australia, he said.

They made the decision about the bubble suspension being extended at a delegate cabinet meeting on Wednesday or Thursday.

It was announced today to allow people to participate in the MIQ release next week. They need to ensure there are flights available for people to book.

今天宣布允许人们参与下周的 MIQ 发布。 他们需要确保有可供人们预订的航班。

The decision to move to level 3 in Auckland is based on health advice at the time. There’s cautious optimism it will happen.

奥克兰降至 3 级的决定是基于当时的健康建议。 人们谨慎乐观地认为它会发生。

There are 8 unlinked cases at the moment. McElnay said it’s a “moveable feast”.
目前有8个未关联的病例。 McElnay 说这是一场“流动的盛宴”。

THey will look at the pattern of cases and what that data tells them when providing Cabinet with advice on Monday.


She said the “vast majority” of this outbreak has been contained.

They’re still finding small numbers of new cases, McElnay said.
McElnay 说,他们仍在发现少量新病例。

The 9 cases reported yesterday who were infectious in the community might not have known they were contacts. But those asked to stay in isolation are following the rules.

昨天报告的 9 例在社区具有传染性的病例可能不知道他们是接触者。 但那些被要求保持隔离的人正在遵守规则。

Household contacts know they need to isolate. They don’t necessarily identify every other contact straight away.
家庭联系人知道他们需要隔离。 他们不一定会立即识别所有其他联系人。

The sequencing of being identified as a contact isn’t always linear, Robertson said.


This weekend is a great opportunity for Aucklanders to get vaccinated.

If all things go well, the region will be able to move to level 3 next week.
如果一切顺利,该地区下周将能够升至 3 级。

Vaccination buses are going out, community vaccination centres are open. Roberston said there’s no limit for people to get vaccinated in Auckland this weekend.

疫苗大巴要出去了,社区疫苗中心也开门了。 罗伯斯顿说,本周末在奥克兰接种疫苗的人数没有限制。

Testing numbers are important for alert level change decisions.

Robertson said the numbers have been good this week and they want to see that continue through the weekend. They don’t set a number, but they want to make sure it remains high.罗伯逊表示,本周的数据不错,他们希望看到这种情况持续到周末。 他们没有设定一个数字,但他们想确保它保持在高位。

Robertson said they appreciate that Aucklanders have been through 5 weeks of lockdown, which is hard. He thanked them for that.
罗伯逊说,他们感谢奥克兰人经历了 5 周的封锁,这很艰难。 他为此感谢他们。

The decision to move down alert levels will be based on health advice.

“We want Aucklanders to know how much we appreciate what they have done,” he said.“我们希望奥克兰人知道我们对他们所做的事情有多么感激,”他说。




Four new locations of interest


Four new locations of interest have been identified by the Ministry of Health, three in the Tauranga area:

  • Uppercrust Bakery Mount Maunganui between 9:55am-11:55pm on 14 September
  • Uppercrust Bakery Mount Maunganui again between 10:10am-12:05pm on 11 September
  • BP Tauriko between 7:45am-9:15am on 11 September
Meanwhile, a supermarket has been added as a location of interest in Auckland:
  • SuperValue Flatbush Clover Park between 4:50pm-6pm on 14 September.



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